Eva Fàbregas
29th November – 5th December 2021

Eva Fàbregas’ artistic research focuses on the knowledge of the body and the sensory experience that makes the politics of industrial design possible and its continuous and growing production of objects. Starting from the prosthetic nature of design, architecture and technology, her work explores the eroticism of utilitarian objects and the mass production of desire. In her work, sexual impulses and affection, freed from the biological limitations of the body, can flow in all directions, blurring the boundaries between organic and inorganic matter.

For the Miami-based exhibition, “Together”, Fàbregas develops a site-specific project designed for the Seven Seas Motel. Mid-Century architectural style is essential to understanding Miami’s history and the hotel’s reception and interior spaces are the perfect settings in which to develop this fluid architecture. Industrial and interior design developed its market during this time, which, as the theorist Beatriz Colomina affirms, has direct relationships with leisure and the purchasing power of an incipient middle class, almost with sensuality and eroticism in certain ways that refer us to the visual culture of James Bond movies or Playboy sets.

“Is it possible to speak of a design of emotions from the tactile condition of the material environment? What are the physical responses that the somatic causes in our bodies? What affects do these objects designed for the human body contain? What morphological affinities do they have between them? Could these objects become emancipated from our desires?” (Sonia Fernández Pan, for Fàbregas solo show “Gut Feeling”, CentroCentro, Madrid)

Eva Fàbregas (b.1988 in Barcelona) is based in London and you can read more about her on her website.