25th November - 27th November 2015

Recent events post the 2008 financial crisis have greatly impacted Southern Europe. The social role played traditionally by the state was put in question and citizen lead initiatives started to take the lead in an attempt to counteract the waning of state presence in the public sphere. Specifically in the framework of culture, the scarce public funding that Spain benefited in the last decade was dramatically cut. As a consequence, state institutions and agents that developed work with public support either disappeared or felt the need to change their ways of working. The Green Parrot was consciously born out of this context as an attempt to counter out this shift and present a contemporary art programme which works as a laboratory of testing other economies and alternative ways of working in a similar way to that of citizen-led political organisations.

The Green Parrot in collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull hosted a three-day curatorial meeting where we shared our experience with similar small-scale organisations and independent curators from the South of Europe in an attempt to create links with models of working which are similar to ours both in terms of context as well as ethos to build bridges for future collaborations. They are curators that are not familiar with the local scene and that have shown interest in getting to know Barcelona’s institutional and artistic panorama.

The curatorial meeting were developed according to two main activities: every morning we met at The Green Parrot to start with the institutional tours and in the afternoon the group visited artist studios in Barcelona. We sent a selection of artist portfolios and the curators chose their studio visits according to their own interests.


Antonia Alampi – Italy
Guillaume Breton – France / United Kingdom
Maja Ćiric – Serbia
Viktoria Draganova – Germany / Bulgaria Nazli Gurlek – Turkey
Inés Grosso – Brazil / Portugal
Javier Orcaray – Spain
Markéta Stara – Portugal / Czech Republic