Pedro Torres
7-10 October 2021

The Green Parrot presents a solo booth with a series of unpublished drawings by Pedro Torres (Brazil, 1982). The series When Time Unfolds emerges during the first confinement in 2020, where the artist used drawing to understand, process, and represent the time that we were going through. In a methodical manner, the drawings of this series share an organic, sinuous, sensual line, as a base upon which another layer of more controlled lines overlap, creating spatial relations through arches and small circles. In these lines we see the fluidity of time and its multiple overlapping paths, unfolding like the trace of photons through space. Each drawing attracts us to a time of its own, a time of pure potentiality, which intends to make visible a specific time – personal, but also shared. The small format and the economy of means were a constant pattern in the works carried out by many artists at that time of confinement. When they did not have access to their studios and materials. Conditions that caused the spread of small gestures, such as this series as a reflection of time.

Pedro Torres (Brazil, 1982) centres his artistic practice in topics related to the concepts of time, distance, memory, language, and image, utilising a variety of mediums in the development of his work and research projects. Read more about his work on his website.

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