15th August – 24th September 2021

Green Med is the Barcelona Chapter of Black Med, a platform initiated by Invernomuto for Manifesta 12. The Mediterranean Sea, once understood as a fluid entity aiding the formation of networks and exchanges, is now the scenario of a humanitarian crisis and heated geopolitical dispute. Black Med aims to intercept the trajectories that sounds trace passing through this area, as migration routes leave sonic trails that, in the words of sociologist Iain Chambers, “resist representation, and propose an affective economy [that is] intrinsically diasporic.” Video loops and mixes are commissioned to musicians, scholars, and visual artists that alternate in the installation at The Green Parrot, rendering these ideas in sonic form. The project will also be followed by a listening session that will take place at MACBA, on Tuesday July 20, at 7 pm (info and registration).

Simone Bertuzzi (b. 1983) and Simone Trabucchi (b. 1982) have been collaborating as Invernomuto since 2003. Although their work focuses primarily on the moving image and sound, they also integrate sculpture, performance, and publishing into their practice. Read more about their work on their website.

Black Med has been supported by the Italian Council program (7th Edition, 2019) to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Photos by Roberto Ruiz