Bernardo de Souza & Laura Huertas Millán, David Ortiz Juan, Sara Ramo, Luiz Roque, Ana Vaz / Laia Ventayol & Cristina Moreno García / Lola Lasurt, Pedro Torres
7th, 11th, 18th, 19th July 2021

Monday, June 7th, 19h, Zumzeig Cinema: Movie projections + talk with Bernardo José Souza and David Ortiz Juan

Saturday, June 12th, 11–12:30h, L’hort de la Font Trobada de Montjuïc: performative activity proposed by Laia Ventayol and Cristina Moreno García

Friday, June 18th, 12–20h, The Green Parrot: exhibition vernissage, last day to visit the exhibition with guided visits.

Saturday, June 19th, 12h, The Green Parrot: presentation of publications and artist books by Lola Lasurt and Pedro Torres.


Monday, June 7th, 19h
Film Screeening + Talk
Zumzeig Cinema (Carrer de Béjar, 53, 08014 Barcelona)
Limited Seating, 5 € per ticket

Belleza y devastación (Beauty and Devastation): A program by Bernardo de Souza with works by Laura Huertas Millán, David Ortiz Juan, Sara Ramo, Luiz Roque and Ana Vaz

This session emerges from the desire of projecting David Ortiz’s film mañana niebla (foggy morning) on the big screen, which is also presented in the exhibition “Otros tiempos” (“Other Times”) at The Green Parrot. We wanted to take advantage of this occasion to accompany the screening with other contemporary productions from which synergies arise and speak toward themes in both the exhibition and in the selection made by Brazilian curator Bernardo José de Souza. After the projection, the curator speaks with David Ortiz Juan about the topics covered in his screening, as well as the other films.

What remains unknown in nature feeds our imagination on the domains of fiction and science. By hiding the natural force under the spell of language, an increasingly misty landscape emerges before our eyes: visible and invisible matter overlap to create a double reality that is formed through natural and political phenomena.

This program of videos articulates narratives that emerge from historical, fictitious, and scientific stories. Together, they emanate an atmosphere of uncertainty and unpredictability. As the magic of the cinematographic device kicks into gear, various species, entities, and stories come to life – an invitation to walk into unknown lands, in a whirlwind of mystery, wonder, and fear, as if we were on the brink of a space-time dimension of another world. – Bernardo José de Souza

Saturday, July 12th, 11–12:30h
Participative performative activity
L’hort de la Font Trobada (Montjuïc)
Meeting place: Paseo de la Exposición 27, 11h

Laia Ventayol and Cristina Moreno García propose a performance activity in the form of a reading, conversation, and ceremony surrounding a fountain in Montjuïc: La Font Trobada, also known as La Font de la Magnèsia because of its high content of salts of this mineral, is located in the Camino del Torrent dels Tarongers. The first mention of the fountain appears in El Calaix del Sastre, written by the Baron of Maldà in 1778, a personal diary considered a precedent of local customs or journalistic practice.

Friday, June 18th, 12–20h
On the occasion of the closing of the exhibition “Other Times”, The Green Parrot opens its doors for an extended period, with guided tours.

Saturday, June 19th, 12h

Presentation of two artist publications edited by The Green Parrot on the occasion of the exhibition “Other Times”.
The Green Parrot (C. Vilamarí 57)

Publication by Lola Lasurt: Thaïs, tercer acto (Bragaglia, 1917, y Laurencic, 1937-1939). Ejercicio para el curso básico de la Escuela Vkhutemas siguiendo las indicaciones de Luibov Popova en sus manuscritos [Translation: Thaïs, third act (Bragaglia, 1917, and Laurencic, 1937-1939). Exercise for the basic course of the Vkhutemas school following the instructions of Luibov Popova in her manuscripts],

Lola Lasurt presents a flipbook from a sequence of photograms of the video Thaïs, tercer acto (Bragaglia, 1917). Ejercicio para el curso básico de la Escuela Vkhutemas siguiendo las indicaciones de Luibov Popova en sus manuscritos, digitally coloured and present as an animation piece at the exhibition “Other times”. This is a project that stems from the futuristic film Thaïs (1917), by Anton Giuglio Bagaglia, which at the same time reinterprets the novel Thaïs (1890), by Anatole France. The video pictorially recreates the third act of the movie, in which Thaïs dies alone in her cell, decorated with geometric abstraction. The title of the project makes reference to the pictorial exercises that Popova describes in her manuscripts in respect to the methodology with which the students of the Vkhutemas School were to be instructed in order progressively introduce abstraction in all their creations. The publication has been done in collaboration with designer Carles Murillo.

Publication by Pedro Torres: Every Other Day

Pedro Torres presents Every Other Day, an artist publication that gathers a collection of 182 postcards with images, texts, and interventions in different papers, and one original postcard. The publication is an attempt to cover time from images, from text, and from the time of reading itself. Among the images are works of art related to the idea of time as well as other sciences, history, temporal scales, appliances of measurement… Between the texts, the time magnitude of scales from their basic unit (the second) in the international system, the succession of Fibonacci and other poetic writings. The different colour and texture papers are presented in twos and intervened with circular cut-outs. They appear in the postcard sequence to hint at what is to come and what has already happened, creating a hole on the surface of the space-time of the publication. 182 postcards that when multiplied by two (two by two faces, one face a day, one postcard every two days), result in 364 and adding the original postal: 365, like the days of the year. The publication can be a calendar or a card game that plays with the person holding the piece. It has its own time and contains all the time in the world. The edition is limited to 24 copies.