Pedro Torres



Pedro Torres
Every Other Day
Author: Pedro Torres
Edited by: Rosa Lleó
Published by: The Green Parrot, stuffinablank, 2021

Texts: Pedro Torres, Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0
Images: appropriate from the Internet © its authors
Editing and design: Pedro Torres
Limited edition of 24 copies
Price: € 124,80 (120,00 € + 4% VAT of 4.80 €)
To purchase the limited edition, write to: hello@thegreenparrot.org

Every Other Day by Pedro Torres brings together a collection of 182 postcards, which have images, texts, and interventions on different types of papers, and an original postcard. The publication is an attempt to comprehend time from the images, from the text, and from the time of reading itself. Among the images are works of art related to the idea of time together with others from science, history, time scales, measuring devices, etc. Among the texts are orders of magnitude of time based on its base unit (the second) of the international system, the Fibonacci sequence, and other poetic writings. Papers of different colours and textures are presented two by two and altered with circular cut-outs. They appear in the sequence of postcards, to give a glimpse of what is to come, or what has already happened, forming a hole in the space-time surface of the publication. 182 postcards that when multiplied by two (two times two sides, one side per day, one postcard every other day) add up to 364, and when the original postcard is added, 365—like the days of the year. The publication can be like a calendar or a card game that plays with you. It has its own time as well as containing all the time in the world.