The Palaces Left Behind, 2014

Lúa Coderch

Special edition – Unique pieces
50’s armchair
Digital print on cotton
90 x 64 x 55 cm
Price: 500€ (SOLD OUT)

Mart Stam chair
Digital print on cotton
81 x 61 x 54 cm
Price: 300€ (SOLD OUT)

The edition The Palaces Left Behind by Lúa Coderch (Iquitos, Peru, 1982) is part of the inaugural exhibition “The World of Interiors”. The show departs from a book by Marc Camille Chaimowicz and displays work from a group of artists that reflect upon the meaning of the word ‘interior’ not only as a domestic but also as a psychological space. The artist Lúa Coderch has produced a series of curtains that alter the relation between the interior and the exterior of the exhibition space. The motifs of the patterns come from domestic objects that have appeared in the press after a catastrophe or violent action. Departing from the installation, she has created this edition made of other decorative elements such as the cushions and a set of chairs. In the words of the artist: “In the mansions and palaces left abandoned by dictators and governors, the secret interiors have been invaded by looters and the curious. While walking around the living rooms, these intruders document the helpless opulence as a symptom of the extravagant and excessive life of the absent character. Some of the objects’ photographs that called their attention are now part of this pattern”.

Lúa Coderch (1982, Iquitos, Peru) lives and works in Barcelona. Her solo shows include “The Magic Mountain” (Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona), “Paràbola” (Capella de Sant Roc, Valls, Tarragona) and group shows such as “El espacio cósmico estaba ahí, en dos o tres centímetros” (Bacelona, Madrid and Vigo) “Le Périmetre Interne” (Institut Français, Barcelona) and “Critical Botox in times of 2.0 feudalism” (Pavilion, Bucharest). She has been a resident at Smart Project Space (Amsterdam), through HANGAR-AECID International Exchange Programme and she has recently won the PAIR Grant from the Fundació Suñol, the Fundació Guasch-Coranty production grant, CoNCA grant for research and production and the “Art Jove 2012” grant from the Sala d’Art Jove de la Government of Catalunya, among others. She is represented by Bacelos Gallery.