June Crespo - David Bestué
26th August - 28th August 2016

The Green Parrot presents a duo exhibition with two Spanish artists that question and expand the notions of sculpture. June Crespo and David Bestué’s works depart from an intimate relation with the object, through the materials and histories that are behind each piece. Photographs, objects and assemblages depart from chance or subtle actions that go beyond the traditional understanding of the media.

June Crespo’s work relates two different planes: the imaginary, oneiric and symbolic with the material and sensible. This is possible through the gathering of objects that she compiles such magazine covers and book illustrations that act substituting dream scenes. The structural relations of the works, their contrasts and other physical qualities are associated to affects, physical sensations and a way of thinking that does not look to find a rational or logical sense. Her work is an encounter between the artist’s imaginary space and the material and most immediate universe where both worlds overlap without hierarchies, in installations that question the viewer from the most corporeal, affective and unconscious point of view.

June Crespo (Pamplona, 1982) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country (2005). She has participated in international artistic residencies such as Iaspis (Stockholm, 2014) and currently she is at De Ateliers ( Amsterdam 2015-2017). Her recent solo exhibitions include: Kanala at MARCO (Vigo 2016), Cosa y Tú at Carreras Múgica Gallery (Bilbao 2015). Among the group shows: H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D (Moscow Museum of Modern Art); fluxesfeverfuturesfiction (Centro Azkuna, Bilbao 2016); Wild Things (The Green Parrot, Barcelona 2014); Hitting it off (P-exclamation, New York, 2014); Pareidolia (Bacelos, Madrid, 2014); Pop Politics (CA2M, Madrid 2012); Esta puerta pide clavo (Tatjana Pieters Galerie, Gent, 2012); Arte e Investigación 2010 (Centro Montehermoso Vitoria-Gasteiz 2011) and Antes que todo (CA2M, Madrid, 2010).

David Bestué is an artist interested conceptually in the language of sculpture, architecture and engineering. He subtly intervenes public and domestic scenarios, creating situations that question our ways of looking. He seeks to establish temporary, fragile links between permanent forms and the presence of transient elements, both human and inanimate. The photographic series presented at Art-o-Rama are made of almost impossible sculptures, objects that don’t last more than a couple of seconds and they can only be documented by an image of the past.

David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) is an artist and architecture critic currently living in Barcelona. Individual exhibitions of his work include La España moderna (Galeria Garcia, Madrid), Realismo, (La Capella, Barcelona, 2015), Piedras y poetas (Galeria Estrany de la Mota, Barcelona, 2013) and Enric Miralles (Arkitekturmuseet, Stokholm, 2008). He has participated in group shows in New York (New York Public Library), Buenos Aires (Universidad Di Tella), Barcelona (MACBA), among many others. He has done residencies at Gasworks (London, 2010) and de_sitio (Mexico City, 2013).

1. David Bestué
A y B, 2016
Stone fragments of building where somebody was born, and fragments of brick where the same person was dead, resin
25 x 10 cm

2. June Crespo
Chance Album (Isa), 2016
Heater Radiator, Lambda print, magnet, plastic, flowers and dust

3. David Bestué
Horizontal and Vertical, 2016
Fragments of ceramics’ teacup and plate
25 x 25 cm

3. David Bestué

Fish sphere, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Roman ceramics and fresh clay, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Flor de almendro, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Feather’s smoke, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Oval Brain, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Foam from Burgos’ Cathedral, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

Granite grease, 2016
Colour photography
24 x 30 cm

5. David Bestué
Epic and Lyric, 2016
Ruin’s dust, rose petals, resin
23 cm diameter

6. David Bestué
Manzana y llave, 2016
Key made of Berlin wall and apple made of 9/11 ashes
Variable measures

7. David Bestué
City outside and city Inside, 2013
Undocumented performance and colour photography
40 x 50 cm

The night of the 4th to the 5th of June, coinciding with Federico Garcia Lorca’s date of birth, the artist walked down the most recurring places from Poet in New York. From Harlem to Battery Park. While taking this tour, which was about 15 km long, he ingested brick fragments, glass, steel, concrete and granite. New York was inside and outside of him, and he was right in between.

8. June Crespo
Chance Album (Queen), 2016
Polyurethan resin, magazines, metal and glass
140x 6,5 x300cm

9. David Bestué
Wood-metal, 2013
Wood and metal
30 x 6 cm

10. June Crespo
Truc, 2016
Ceramics and glass
Variable dimensions

11. June Crespo
Night Regime, 2016
Epoxy resin, dye and glass
130 x 140 x 22 cm.